Event Topic Authors Type Year
Peptoid Summit, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA Using Molecular Dynamics to Understand Peptoids Assembly A Prakash, M Baer, CJ Mundy, J Pfaendtner Poster 2017
DESRES Graduate and Postdoc Women's Forum, New York, USA Essential degrees of freedom in a biomineralization system A Prakash, K Sprenger, J Pfaendtner Poster 2017
Gordon Research Conference on Computational Chemistry, Girona, Spain Using Metadynamics to understand the multi-dimensional free energy landscape of peptoid self-assembly A Prakash, C Mundy,M Baer, J Pfaendtner Poster 2016
251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, USA Electrolytes at the muscovite (001) interface: A molecular dynamics study A Prakash, C Mundy,M Baer, J Pfaendtner Oral 2016
UW Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium, Seattle, USA Understanding the behavior of peptoids with classical molecular dynamics and metadynamics A Prakash, M Baer,C Mundy, J Pfaendtner Poster 2016